Salifert - Phosphate Eliminator

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Salifert Liquid Phosphate Binding is a quick and easy-to-use aid in removing phosphate from water. It is particularly convenient to use in acute algae problems, as it rapidly renders phosphate unusable for algae. The bound phosphate accumulates in the frother and is rapidly removed from the aquarium cycle. If the aquarium has a very high phosphate content and the frother does not have time to grab everything at once, the phosphate is released back into the water 24 hours after dosing. In this case, the substance should be administered daily until the phosphate content falls. Therefore, it is important to monitor the phosphate content of the liquid collected in the frother as well as the aquarium water. It is advisable to measure the frother fluid approximately 2 hours after dosing. 

Shake well before use. For normal and preventive use, add 5 ml / 100 liters of water weekly. To reduce high phosphate levels, administer 5 ml / 100 liters of water daily.