Sera - Plant Care Set

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Optimal growth of aquarium plants requires the right amount of balanced all necessary nutrients and growth substances. Growth will stagnate if at least one component is missing. Consequently, the nutrients will be used by algae. The sera fertilization kit is designed for all aquarium plants, regardless of whether they absorb nutrients mainly through the leaf through the roots or both through the leaves and roots.

Kit Contents
  • CO2-Start cheese - perfect CO2 fertilization for 60-200 liters aquariums. It consists of Sera co2 diffusion reactor and Sera co2-tabs plus (20 tablets).
  • Florentine cheese, 100ml-fertilizer for plants with iron, minerals and microelements.
  • Cheese florenette A, 24 tab.-fertilizer with iron and minerals in the form of tablets.
  • Sera floreplus, 24 tabs - growth enhancer - tablets with microelements.
  • Sera guide "Nutrition of aquarium plants according to nature"