SICCE Whale 350 Professional External Canister Filter | 180-350 Litres | 1100 LPH

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  • External Filter
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Compact design & polished finishing
  • Strong clips to open and close the filter
  • Filter media included
  • Grey Tubes to prevent algae growth due to light exposure
  • Water flow control using the knob on output fitting
  • Unique Self priming system which can be hanged directly on the tank. This priming system can be used to prime also other external filters.
  • Quick Disconnect System: the filter body can be disconnected simply by closing the valves on the IN and OUT hoses.
  • Floating filter baskets with for easy removal and replacement of the filter media.

Technical Data 

Q-Max 1100 l/h
H-Max h 200 cm
Voltage / Hertz 230-240v / 50hz
Watt 16
EWHA01E cable 1,5 m - eu 2p