Skimz - Filter Sock with Holder

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Skimz  hang-on filter sock holder fits standard 4" / 7″ filter sock, to remove excess food, detritus, organic waste, dust, any particles and results in crystal clear water.

Specifications : BM-4

Dimensions - 4.2" x 7.5" x 1.8"

Max Rim Thickness - 0.90"

Filter Sock Opening - 3.6" Diameter


What's Included?

1x BM4 Filter Sock Holder

1x EL-S300 Filter Sock


Specifications : BM-7

Dimensions - 281 x 200 x 45mm

Max Rim Thickness - 6mm

Filter Sock Opening - 167mm Diameter


What's Included?

1x BM7 Filter Sock Holder

1x EL-S307 Filter Sock