Skimz Pur Carb-08 Carbon Filter Media

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Skimz Pur CARB-0.8 is a high performance 0.8mm pellet carbon with superior pore space, ideally suited to remove dissolved organic waste, foul odours, toxins and water discoloration. Pur CARB-0.8 will make your water crystal clear to permits maximum penetration of light which help to improve the health of your corals. Skimz Pur CARB-0.8 is processed by high temperature steam activation which produces highest quality carbon, allowing it to adsorb a wide range of organic compounds. Because of its huge degree of micro-porosity, one gram can have up to 1225 m of surface area.


  • Small pellet size for high surface area
  • Low dust content that is easier to rinse
  • Wide variety of pore sizes
  • Superior hardness



Iodine number, mg/g - 1000

Hardness number, min. - 97

Total surface area, m/g - 1225