Spectra Aqua Knight V2 Marine Tank LED Lighting

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This new and improved AquaKnight V2 LED is perfect for your nano reef tank.

The new and improved Aquaknight V2 LEDs come with a redesigned LED board and use true 3watt Cree LEDs. Each lamp has a built-in heat sink and a temperature-controlled, silent cooling fan. In addition, we have added more LEDs for more power. The Aquaknight V2 is more compact and has a larger lens angle for an even light distribution.

Very suitable lamp for, for example, WaterBox Cube 10, Cube 20, Peninsula mini 15 or 25.

Full spectrum.

The Aquaknight V2 has 12 3watt Cree LEDs for a total of approximately 36watts of power.

  • Channel A
    5 x 450nm Royal Blue, Cree XP-E
    1 x 420nm Violet, SemiLED
  • Channel B
    4 x 7500K Cool White, Cree XP-E
  • Channel C
    2 x 480nm cool blue, Cree XP-E

Intuitive operation.

The Aqua knight V2 has 4 touch-sensitive buttons and an LCD bar on top of the lamp. Each channel is individually controllable, and the controller has a built-in ramping function.
You program the light by setting times, 1, 2 and 3 for each of the same channels. Time 1 is the start time and all channels must be set to 0. Time 2 is the peak hour, it should be the center of your daily schedule and have the desired settings for channels A, B and C. Time 3 is your turn-off time, and all channels should be set to 0.

Your light will automatically increase from time 1 to time 2 and then decrease from time 2 to time 3. This emulates a full sunrise and sunset.

Simple installation.

The supplied tank mounting bracket will work with any tank with a rim less than 1 ″ (approx. 25 mm) wide. It is adjustable and can be used on tanks up to 24 ″ (60 cm) front to back. The angle of the mounting arm sets the light to the ideal height above the water based on the width of your tank. As you slide your lamp towards the center of your aquarium, it will also rise higher above the water level.

Slim profile

The Aquaknight LED is a purpose built nano / pico reef light. Each light measures 4.25 ″ (approx. 11 cm) in diameter and 1.25 ″ (approx. 3 cm) high.
Each Aquaknight V2 is designed to cover a 12 ″ (approximately 30 cm) cube for SPS, or an 18 ″ (45 cm) cube area for mixed reef / soft corals. Also suitable for larger aquariums in series.

Dense Matrix technique

Using the dense matrix chips, and USES the 90 ° optical lenses and optical reflective cup double secondary LED distribution, the light is spread more evenly, avoiding the dico-flare and increasing penetration.

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