Spectra Aqua Knight V3 Marine Tank LED Lighting 60W

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This new improved and more powerful AquaKnight V3 LED is perfect for your "nano" reef tank.

The new and improved Aquaknight V3 LEDs come with a redesigned LED board and use true 3watt Cree LEDs. Each lamp has a built-in heat sink and a temperature-controlled, quiet cooling fan. In addition, we have added more LEDs for more power. The Aquaknight V3 is more compact and has a larger lens angle for even light distribution.

Very suitable lamp for, for example, WaterBox Cube 10, Cube 20, Peninsula mini 15 or 25

Benefits Aqua Knight V3

  • Touch Control
  • Programmable built-in timer / dimmer
  • Gradual sunrise and sunset (3 adjustable color channels)
  • Smart temperature control system

Specifications Aqua Knight V3

  • Maximum power consumption: 60W
  • Input voltage: 100-240V AC
  • Led quantity: 15
  • Dimensions : 230 x 120 x 32 mm
  • For aquarium of 60 - 80 cm.

Suitable for marine LPS SPS tank with a size of 18-24 inch (45 - 60 cm). Also suitable in series for larger aquariums. For example, you can place two lamps above a 100 - 120 cm container.

Technical specifications Aqua Knight V3

LED type Matrix chips
Number of LEDs 15 pieces
Wattage per LED 3W
Max power 60W
Voltage 100-240VAC
Dimensions 230 x 120 x 32mm
Suitable for 60 - 80 cm aquariums
In series for larger aquariums
Housing color Black
Weight 1.5Kg
LED channels Channel A : 4 x Royal Blue, 2 x Epileds Violet
Channel B : 6 x Blue
Channel C : 3 x White

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