SunSun - CBG-800S Hang on Filter | 800 l/h

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 SunSun CBG-800S is designed for water purification in marine and freshwater aquariums, enriching it with oxygen.
The filter works according to the principle of a waterfall, therefore, after suction, water enters the filter materials, leaving them contaminated, and then, in the form of a waterfall, enters the aquarium.

This aquarium hang on filter can be used for aquariums with a water volume of 75 up to 190 liters. The pump capacity is 800 liters per hour. The water flow of the hang on-filter can be steplessly regulated and therefore be adjusted accordingly as desired. Due to a surface skimmer, any floating particles are removed from the water in advance.

Power: 220V
800 Liters / Hour
UV Power: 8 Watts
Aquariums 75 to 190 Liters