Tetra TetraBits Complete | 300 grams

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A Complete Pet Food For All Discus And Other Demanding Tropical Fish.

1. Maintains Color And Shape Of Tropical Fishes.

2. Pellet Food Ideal For Mid Water And Bottom Feeding Fishes.

3. Provides Required Nutrients And Vitamins.

4. Facilitate Growth Of All Fishes.

5. Provides Resistance Against All Diseases.

Ideal for all mid-water and bottom feeding fish. Contains natural pigment enhances to intensify the radiant color of your fish. With Beta Glucan, a natural immunity boosting supplement. Tetra bits fish food is a complete food,

Maintains colour and shape of tropical fishes. Pellet food ideal for mid water and bottom feeding fishes. Provides required nutrients and vitamins Facilitate growth of all fishes. Provides resistance against all diseases.

Suitable for – Discus and all Tropical Fishes.

Direction To Use :

Feed Your Fish 2 – 3 Times A Day As Much As They Can Consume In A Few Minutes.

Remove The Uneaten Fish Food After The Feeding Time.

Ingredients :

Fish And Fish Derivatives, Vegetable Protein Extract, Cereals, Derivatives Of Vegetable Origin, Molluscs And Crustaceans, Yeast, Minerals, Algae, Oils And Fats.

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Rajesh Iyer
Purchase of Tetra TetraBits Complete | 300 grams

Quality product, on time delivery and good packing too.

Anit Sarkar

Very Good and my fish love very much

Krishna Ravindran
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