Wavereef ATO-100M Automatic Water Topup with Magnetic Mount

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WaveReef Auto-Fill  is a simple and non-programmable level controller. Comes, connects and turns on. You don't have to do anything else.

Already sold together with its pump, which has a prevalence of 2 meters, and with a transparent plastic tube that will take care of conveying the water to be taken from the top-up tank to our sump or our aquarium.

The controller is based on float operation. Float that is protected inside a transparent plastic cylinder with holes on the bottom and open at the top. In this way the water can pass undisturbed, but everything else is left out, reducing the possibility of blocking the float itself.

Included is a small power supply, which, thanks to a Y-shaped connection, connects to the small pump supplied and to the float. The float is equipped with its plastic protection. The equipment is completed by a non-return valve, a cable holder to fix the return in sump (or in the tub), and the water tube.

The float is fixed to the glass with a powerful magnet, light years more practical than any suction cup. I say powerful because in my 5mm sump the grip is extremely solid, so I think there are no problems.

Since it is not a microprocessor-controlled system, there are no alarms of any kind. In practice, the float acts as a switch. If the circuit is closed, the pump switches on, when the circuit opens the pump switches off. If for some reason the float gets stuck the pump runs endlessly. There is no alarm after a few minutes of operation, nor is the circuit interrupted. This is the only real limit of this small osmocontroller.

The float is extremely sensitive, the differential between open and closed circuit is a few millimeters. In my sump, which has a limited volume for the lift pump, and for the compartment that serves as a top-up, the filling always lasts a few seconds.

The supplied pump is very small, and has 4 suction cups (which are not seen in the photo because they are on the back). The draft reaches a few millimeters of the bottom, making the pump very practical.


The pump values ​​are as follows:

  • Flow rate: 200 l / h
  • Prevalence: 2 meters
  • Consumption 3.5 watts