Zetlight - ZA-1200 Planted LED

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  • High quality acrylic framework makes the light fixture with better light transmission and more fashionable outlook.
  • The material has strong weather resistance, high temperature resistance and good hardness.
  • With this design, different accessories can be used with it to make the light fixture more flexible.
  • With black aluminum board made from highly heat radiating aluminum material
  • unique heat radiating sheet structure.
  • It consists of 28 White light beads, 4 Red and 4 Green.
  • The total power is 16 watts.
  • The Zetlight AQUA ZA1200 is an LED Aquarium Light, suitable for up to 45cm Nano Cubes. It combines exceptional design and technology.
  • The Zetlight AQUA ZA1200 is equipped with 28 white (6500 K), 4 red (620-630 nm) and 4 green (520-535 nm) LED.