BOYU - ZW-Series | Automatic Timer Food Feeder for Fish Tank

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BOYU automatic feeding machine ZW-Series Fish Food Feeder Automatic - Model: ZW-66/ZW-82 Product details - Manufacturer: BOYU - Origin: Taiwan - Battery source: 2 x1.5V - Display: LED - Features: 1. Novelty, sleek design. 2. Removable food canister. 3. LED display screen. 4. Set up mirror mode. Different feeds can be programmed in the type of fish. 5. There are many settings available to choose from. 6. In real time, it is easy to control automatic feeding. 7. Within 24h: Automatic feeding machine can be set from 1 to 4 8. Easy-to-use automatic feeding machine: set feeding time. Set round to control the amount of food. 9. Use 2 1.5V batteries; Display time information and control. 10. There is an alarm function when the battery is low.